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$20 Feast!

Note 21-Nov-09: $20 Feast is being put on hiatus until I’m back on the unemployment route. Sorry it didn’t last long.

$20 feast

In my previous incarnation as a lady of employment, Josh and I would go out and have dinner at one of the nice Melbourne restaurants every Friday night. Feeling the need to cut back due to my being, er, a lady of leisure, and being a wife who is well versed in her home economics, I decided that instead of going out to a nice restaurant on Friday nights, let’s try to make something special for our weekly Friday night feast.

These recipes will cost you under $20 in ingredients. They will feed between 2-4 people. There will be desserts or entree or both. And best of all, they will be really memorably gorgeous meals.

Bring it on.

Feast #1: Grilled rib eye steak, potato au gratin, grilled zucchini and mushrooms, cherry and cheese strudel
Feast #2: Chicken and tortilla soup, ocean trout enchilada and Mexican rice, cinnamon dusted orange

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